When the power has arrived,

When the chances has arrived,

somehow we will miss it, or overuse it.

Until at the end, when the power, or chance where gone

we just realized that, we were wrong.

From light to darkness,

I turned my self to become a dark knight,

to become a silent warrior.

Sometimes we have to act,

have to fail something to protect another thing.

and i confirmed that,

I am not same with those corrupted, fallen one.

It's long, hard of journey that I havent taken before.

So much to learn, so much to be accepted, and so much to lose.

At the end of journey,

it will be good to have full of sound of hail,

wine for the celebration,

and tears of grateful.

Ná Elbereth veria le, ná elenath dín síla erin rád o chuil lín.

May Elbereth protect you, may her stars shine on the path of your life.

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